Friday, August 8, 2014

DIY Tumblr Inspired Notebooks

Hey there! Today i will be showing you 2 DIY's on how to make your plain notebooks look something more like this. 

It's a cute and simple way to personalize your notebooks, perfect for back to school. This way, you'll be more inspired and pumped to write down notes in your awesome notebooks and your classmates would be like- "where'd she get those?" Let's get started shall we?

1st DIY is perfect for Journaling 
You will be needing:

(The notebook i have is from SM Department store, you can find it anywhere. Just find a notebook that suits your taste.)

I just printed out some really cool pics that i really liked, you decide what you want to have on your notebook, the possibilities are endless. I started out by cutting the pictures according to its shape and it kinda looked like stickers this way. 

Then i started laying out the pictures on the notebook, moving the pictures here and there, just testing how i wanted it to look like. 

(Also, i did some last minute touch-ups with the notebook. I decided to paint it black because it just looked cooler that way. It isn't until then that I realized how hard it was, it was giving me such a hard time with painting the small corners, but the finish product was worth it.)

2nd DIY is more appropriate for classes 
You will be needing:

(Washi tape/Fabric tape, Scissors and Composition notebooks-mine are from the U.S but you can probably find them at any school supplies shop.)

This DIY is easier than what we did earlier. Just washify your notebook. :)

(I chose this Hound's tooth pattern because it gave the notebook a classier and vintage feel.)

Measure and cut your tape according to the width of your notebook. Continue doing so until you reach the end of your notebook. 

(I also added this black art paper for labeling my notebook)

And so there we have it! Easy ways to spice up your notebooks for back to school. What do you guys think of my first blog post? Let me know in the comments if you're trying this out.

Remember guys, you are your own artist. Be creative. :)

                                              xoxo, Martina

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